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“I inspire leaders to experience themselves differently so they can walk through the world connected, courageous, and clear.”

Laura Gallaher provides a unique blend of entertainment, passion and insight about life which – when combined with her personal creative flair – makes her a mesmerizing storyteller. She was able to connect with the audience in a way that captured our attention and brought us along on her journey.

Jason Eichenholz, PhD, Co-founder and CTO of Luminar Technologies

At NASA and Disney, Dr. Laura Gallaher was regularly surrounded by incredibly smart, hard-working, and caring leaders who inevitably reached a place in their career where they felt stuck. She chose to become a psychologist because she believes that each person has the incredible capacity to impact the world and that the only thing getting in the way is themselves. Her goal is to penetrate the self-limiting beliefs and defenses that stop leaders from reaching their potential. She inspires them to reconnect with their internal power to move mountains by cultivating their inner courage. Her passion is fundamentally changing the way leaders see themselves by exponentially growing their self-awareness.

“I highly recommend Laura as a keynote speaker. She is a captivating and memorable speaker who creates an environment of candor and trust whether she’s talking to 20 people in a workshop setting or 500+ people from a stage.

Laura’s intelligence is well balanced with her natural wit and charm and audiences lean in as she speaks, eager to hear more.”

Carol Cox, Founder, Speaking Your Brand

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“Laura’s delivery makes it really easy to be engaged. When you walk out with the wheels turning in your brain, you know you just came out of something good.

She is fun and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve been downloaded a wealth of knowledge in just an hour session. You can tell she really comes prepared and that she loves doing what she does.”

Rich Rama, Executive Producer JANE Studios

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