Creating a Culture of Accountability

without a Carrot or a Stick

Holding people accountable is a regular struggle for leaders. Do you use the carrot or the stick? How the hell do you motivate your people when they’re all so different? And why does it seem like nobody cares as much about the company as you do? Are they just lazy?


In this talk, Dr. Laura Gallaher busts the common misunderstandings of accountability and explains the three core elements to creating true organizational accountability.


Learn the Inside Out Model

Learn about the Inside-Out model of organizational accountability that was derived by the experts who helped transform the culture at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center following the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy

Get to the Core of Accountability

Learn what it means to truly be self-accountable and how you can begin to implement self-accountability exercises and concepts in your organization.

Focus on the Future

We often associate accountability with blame and conflict, and get stuck looking back or seeking “fairness” but losing the lens of future focus wastes time and energy.

Group Size

25+ Attendees


30 – 90 minutes

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