Courageous Communication:

Creating clarity, cohesion, and care

In this talk, Dr. Laura Gallaher shines a light on what it means to truly communicate courageously – that is with full openness and honesty. It starts with recognizing that you cannot be more honest with others than you are with yourself. Shift your paradigm of what it means to communicate as a leader, including what it looks like to co-creation and care.

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3 Ways to Be More Honest

We all like to think of ourselves as honest, but there are 3 ways for you to be even more open and honest to create clarity.

FRIC it Out

Learn how to implement a tool and framework to make your communication more collaborative to create cohesion.

Quality not Quantity

Learn how simple it is to demonstrate and communicate care to others in your life – and how it takes far less time than you might expect.

Group Size

15+ Attendees


90 – 120 minutes

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