Leading from the Inside Out:

Changing Your World by Changing Within

In this talk, Dr. Laura Gallaher takes abstract ideas like self-concept and self-esteem and makes them not only pragmatic and easy to understand, but also shines a light on the wildly counter-intuitive nature of the human brain. As a leader who is ready to level up, this experience will help you begin to see the next version of yourself ready to emerge.


Inside Out Model

Learn about our Inside Out model to see how the self is at the core of everything. Specifically, I highlight the loop of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-accountability.

Self-Acceptance co-exists with Self-Improvement

You tend to think that beating up on yourself is a necessary evil to drive you forward, but I will explain how you can make a different choice that not only drives you forward but allows you to enjoy the journey.


Accepting yourself opens you to a world of learning, including allowing you to see yourself in a new light. Uncovering defensiveness, quieting the critic, and arming your inner champion with a microphone allows you to not only see yourself more clearly but also the world.

Group Size

15+ Attendees


60 – 120 minutes

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